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Our purpose is to co-ordinate and assist the members of the conference in worship, training, edification and evangelism.

 One way this is accomplished is through the gathering of our members for conferences.  The vision of a place for our members to meet was realized with the establishment of the Long Lake Bible Camp.  Twice a year we gather together to worship together, learn together and join together making lifelong friendships.

Take a free  Bibl  e   Course !

Take a free Bible Course!

We also conduct summer camps to teach the youth of today the message of the gospel.  Two week long camps, one week for Jr Campers and one week for Sr campers, help youth with Biblical solutions to everyday Christian living.  The unique island campground also provide opportunities for friendship and recreation with other Christian youth. 

 These conferences and camps bring many into a relationship with God and his son Jesus that last a lifetime.  Through the people of the Minnesota State Conference’s mission department, many here in Minnesota and throughout the world have been influenced for Christ and his coming kingdom.  This is the primary focus of our efforts here at the conference and in our lives.

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