Eye Witness Accounts - Judas

What have I done?  Oh, my Lord, my Lord!   What have I done?  Jesus, my Lord, my Master, will die, and I am his murderer!  How brightly those pieces of sliver once shone, as I counted them over and over.  Thirty pieces of silver!  How much I anticipated what it could buy!  And respect!  Yes, I finally had respect and importance!  The chief priests and elders needed me!  I was their confidante; they depended on me.

But yet my Lord knew their plans all along.  He said I would be guilty of his betrayal.  But no—I am guilty of his murder!

I knew those solitary moments in Gethsemane would be the perfect time.  No adoring throngs would be there to protest his arrest.  It all went so smoothly!  I kissed him—but it was the kiss of death for my Lord!  The money means nothing now—it is scattered in the temple.  The respect and importance—it never existed!  I am a murderer!  I condemned my Lord and now I must condemn myself.  His death is in the elders’ hands—my death will be through my own hands!

© Paula Kirkpatrick, 2015