The Wish

You've likely heard the fictitious story of Aladdin's lamp and the three wishes. There is a true story of not three, but one request, offered to Solomon by God.

"In that night God appeared to Solomon and said to him, 'Ask what I shall give you.' " (2 Chronicles 1.7)

If you've read the rest of the story, you know how Solomon responded and how God answered. But, for a moment, place yourself in Solomon's shoes. What would you request? Something good and noble, or something centered on yourself and your wants and desires? Perhaps the question isn't so easily answered.

When I first came to terms with the potential of prayer as a child, I remember earnestly praying for a sum of money. I had never prayed more fervently in my young life. As you might imagine, that was a prayer He chose not to answer as I had asked. I did not then know the truth of James 4.3 "You ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures."

Solomon chose wisdom and knowledge for the task of leadership in that he knew he was ill-equipped to lead the people of God by his own resources. It is wisdom to humbly seek that which we know we do not have, and desperately need.

To seek God's wisdom is to ultimately seek God. The Giver is more important than the gift. We can be sure that we never ask amiss when our heart's desire is for our Father, and His Son. May this be our earnest prayer and desire.

© Steve Taylor, 2018 --Used by permission

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