Beautifully creative Bible verse note cards with encouraging Scriptures. Keep them to display for yourself or share with friends.

Lovely Bible verses illustrated on cards that you can display to remind you of God’s truths or use to send a note to encourage friends.  


I know I’m not the only one who likes to display scriptures around my house to remind me of what God is teaching me.  Written on an index card taped to a mirror.  Printed out and hung on a door.  You too?

I’ve even got scripture lock screen images on my phone from the Christian weight loss course I’m taking to remind me of my memory verse for the week.

Seeing God’s word is such an encouragement and a wonderful way to put Scripture to memory.

I was delighted when I found these lovely cards that do all of that PLUS are pretty.  (Adding pretty to something functional always makes me smile).

Encouraging Scriptures

The Hope Deck is a collection of cards that seriously is one my new favorite things.  I love everything about these. 

I’ve always kept verses around the house, and the beautiful artwork on these make them ones that I love to display.  And they also make a perfect addition to the basket of note cards and such that I like to keep to remind me to be more intentional in sending the notes to friends that I think of but am often lax to follow through on.

The deck comes in this adorable cotton drawstring bag ready to use.


I’ve already mailed several to friends and have been swapping out others on my desk as pretty reminders.

This verse was special to our friend Allie, who we lost.  I thought of her immediately when I saw it, so this card had to go to her mom.


Besides being utterly beautiful, the cards are thick and sturdy.  That means that they will last.  And they are super affordable!

Mother’s Day Gift Idea


Secret P.S.

Not sure if you noticed, but in that array above you can see a picture that stands out from the rest.  In case you were wondering…yes, that is Dolly Parton.  Amidst all the Scripture cards, there is a lone card with a quote from Dolly on faith.  I love it.


Please check these out today.  They are super fantastic, and I know you are going to love them as much as I do!

Click here to check out The Hope Deck cards for yourself!

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