New Book: God Markers On My Cancer Journey: A story to encourage you

A new book by a former pastor of the Pine Grove Bible Church, Pastor Don Needham on surviving cancer with faith:

It can be a hard, tough place when Sickness and Faith collide. My journey has included cancer, chemo, and radiation. Having been there and writing from experience, not theory --- I relate to the trauma of hearing a doctor say, "You have Cancer." If you are awaiting a personal or friend's report on "Cancer Markers" --- may I introduce you to "God Markers?" My wish is that you will find an ointment to dress the wound of hopelessness that often accompanies serious health issues. We live in a toxic and impoverished world. Everything has the potential to be broken: health, relationships, character, trust and, especially, the human spirit. At a time when many are asking, "Does a personal God exist?" "Does He care about and love me?" I am declaring that He does--unequivocally and undeniably, He does! Whatever your circumstance, don't give up! God Markers--the evidence of His presence--are everywhere. You have a Companion who will bring a lamp when it is your time to walk through the Valley of the Shadow. From my story --- my prayer is that you find encouragement, strength for your season of sickness, hope and evidence for your personal walk with God.

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