It's a Trap!

Does anybody know what type of plant this is?

It is a Nepenthes pitcher plant!  I read about it in my daily kid's newspaper.

This plant catches prey.

This is how it works:

An ant will go into the Nepenthes and the ant will see if the plant has something good to eat.  The ant finds something good!  Then the ant will go back to the colony, and tell them about the food.  Then many ants will go back to the Nepenthes, but they can't escape, because the inside of the plant surface is slippery instead of dry.

If you look at the second picture you can see a trapped insect.

I read this and it made me think about how Satan can try to trap us.  Sometimes things look too good to be true.  Satan can make things look real good, so we have to be very careful.

I told my Dad about what I was thinking, and he found these verses:

Psalm 141:8-10

For my eyes are toward You, O God, the Lord;

In You I take refuge; do not leave me defenseless.

Keep me from the jaws of the trap which they have set for me,

And from the snares of those who do iniquity.

Let the wicked fall into their own nets,

While I pass by safely.


So be careful of what you do in life.

© Philip Kirkpatrick, 2015