Eye Witness Accounts - Peter

How could I have failed him?  My Lord!  My Friend!  My Master!  He knew!  He knew I would deny him!  Jesus, the Master who taught me, cared for me, showed me the truths of God!  

Though it seems an eternity now, was it just a few short years ago, when he called Andrew and I to help him in his work?  We were nothing special, just fishermen, and yet he wanted US!  I remember, he said, “I will make you fishers of men!”  And, yes, we did help him reach many people with the good news that he was the Christ!  And yet, each day, we learned so much MORE than we ever gave him back in help and service.

 He WAS the Christ, the Son of God!  And me, oh yes, I was always so eager to proclaim to everyone that I believed he was the Son of God.  

Until tonight!  Tonight!  Tonight I denied I even knew him!  Not once, but three times!  Just as he said I would!  He knew, even as I said I would die with him, that I would fail!  I couldn’t even stay awake as he prayed!  

Oh my Lord, my Lord, I failed you when you needed me most! 

© Paula Kirkpatrick, 2015