Filling the Bucket

    "We have lived here 11 years and had a garden that long although I have enlarged the garden several times. But every spring when I till it, I find more pieces of glass, small rocks, broken pottery and other treasures. About 3 years ago I set a 5-gal. bucket with a lid in the garden and started putting the pieces in the bucket. It is almost half full now. Where do all those pieces of glass keep coming from? You would think that I would have all of them by now.
     "It is just like our sin. You think you just about got something conquered and it pops out again. So you throw it in the bucket. I was a sinner until I got saved at 18, but I have spent the last 57 years picking out the glass pieces, the rocks, broken pottery, some rusty metal pieces, old roots from trees long gone, rusty wire, etc.
     "Actually I am picking up less pieces than I used to be and they are smaller. Maybe if I reach the age of Methuselah I will not find very many pieces of junk? Think so? Jesus has helped me over the years to get rid of this, then that, and some more of that.
     "My garden is looking much better than it did a few years ago, but I am keeping the bucket near if I find any more pieces of junk.""

Don (Used with permission from Thrive Ministries by Kent Ross)