Sweet Corn

“Shucked and boiled in water, sweet corn is edible and nutritious; roasted in the husk in the hottest possible oven for forty minutes, shucked at the table, and buttered and salted, nothing else, it is ambrosia. No chef's ingenuity and imagination have ever created a finer dish." – Nero Wolfe

Ran across this quote and made my mouth salivate. We've already had some pretty good corn-on-the-cob, but Lord willing with the rain and the sun, the best is yet to come.

Succulent and juicy, they really can't be eaten anyway but with fingers. Some try little poky things so their fingers won't get sticky, but that's just for 'city folks.'

Do you spread them with margarine or real butter? Do you use salt on them? Either way, they are ambrosia.

Just starting in to the season here in southern Ohio. I always liked the sweet corn in Minnesota, but this here in Ohio may be the best anywhere.

Another blessing from the Lord who could have provided only for field corn, though if gotten early enough, well, they're better than nothin'.

But back to real 'sweet corn.' Soak the ears in water in the husk, then roll them in the coals of a campfire. After a while roll them out, strip the husks and roll them in a pound of butter. Oh, my!

Thank you, Lord for the simple pleasures you have provided for us!

 Kent Ross (Used with permission from Thrive Ministries by Kent Ross)