Injustice weighs heavy on the hearts of God's people. Those with a passion for what is right and good are tormented in their souls when wickedness and wrong prevail.

"Do not say, 'I will repay evil'; Wait for the Lord, and He will save you." (Proverbs 20.22)

It is not for us to mete out punishment and retribution as we see fit, tempting as this is. The return of Christ and the coming kingdom will ultimately settle the score. With that truth and perspective ever in mind, the greater task before the people of God is the greatest work of justice: the work of the gospel, and the salvation of souls. Good can be done by seeking to do justice through social causes, but there is no greater good than assisting others to become kingdom citizens, with all the justice and privileges this government does and will afford.

"Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord ... be patient; strengthen your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is near." (James 5.7-8)

©Steve Taylor, 2016 --Used by permission

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