Every now and then when life

Seems to hurl it's storms and strife

I like to think of things that bring

A smile and warm imaginings

Thoughts of hugs and sunny days

Walks where pines and streams will play

Barns and shafts of light that paint

Shadows and the stories quaint

These are where I find retreat

Out of site of city streets

And cars and noise and lights that bling

And steal the peace of pondering

Country air and sweet strong hints

Of hay and cows and cedar scents

It's there my heart and longings go

There in fields of green and gold

I find refuge when the sun

Creates a palette - day is done

Of orange and pink and purple hue

That take away my dark and blue

Oh the joy of country air

Breezes briskly touch my hair

Singing songs into my ear

Making love and happiness so clear

Were that we could be so bold

To embrace what's dear to hold

Finding joy in the sincere

Taking in the real, the dear

Oh those now and then's of life

Oh the heartache, storm and strife

I race again to places bright

Filled with sweet-kissed warm sunlight

I hold the hopes, the thoughts, the dreams

Of lasting love and endless streams

Inside my chest where God has stayed

Ever faithful, every day

It's He who owns the thousand fields

Of cattle, grain and all that's real

It's He who knows my quaking needs

It's He who made the rainbow's sweet

Full of promise, full of life

Full of hope, His true delight.

Kim Bollinger

Used with Permission.