Say Something Nice

Few things are as encouraging and heartwarming as learning that someone said something really nice about you.

"As for the saints who are in the earth, They are the majestic ones in whom is all my delight." (Psalm 16.3)

Psalm 16 is considered to be a Messianic Psalm. It is as though Christ spoke many years in advance of His actual birth and life. From these words, there is little doubt as to how He feels about us, His people. He describes us as "the majestic ones." Perhaps you are thinking He may have a case of mistaken identity. I'm just a plain, ordinary individual of no great importance. But, "the majestic ones" is an apt description. We are those who will be elevated to share in the leadership of Christ's coming government when He returns to set it up. We are destined to be crowned with immortality and honor. The Majestic One has truly made us His majestic ones!

We are those "in whom is all My delight." What goes for Jesus Messiah also goes for our heavenly Father. They both take delight in us, their people.

So, if you are feeling down and discouraged, and could use a good word today, here it is. No matter what others may say or think about you, your truest evaluation is summed up in these wonderful words. These true words, if taken to heart, can help rescue us from an identity crisis, or inferiority complex.  

As a reminder of our identity and destiny, we do well to print and display verse 3 prominently so as to remind ourselves of the great truth expressed in these words.

You are a treasured and valued member of the family of God, with a marvelous destiny!

©Steve Taylor, 2016 --Used by permission

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