"As we have heard, so we have seen In the city of the LORD of hosts, in the city of our God; God will establish her forever." (Psalm 48.8)

No city is more significant than Jerusalem. Against impossible odds, it endures to this day. It has been sacked and destroyed more than once, and yet it has arisen from the ruins as a testimony to the God whose city it is. And, He will "establish her forever."

The closing chapters of Revelation describe a new Jerusalem in all her beauty and splendor (Revelation 21-22); a reminder of the promise and faithfulness of God. The fate of the people of God is inseparably tied to this great city. It is both figuratively and literally "the bride, the wife of the Lamb. (Revelation 21.9).

Jerusalem, the city of God, can be visited by anyone traveling to modern Israel. Perilous events are destined for this great city as the present age comes to a close, but it will rise and endure.

The lasting city of God serves as a reminder and promise that we, the people of God, will also endure and prevail. May your faith be strengthened by the great legacy of God's great city.

©Steve Taylor, 2016 --Used by permission

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