Social Media Follow Up

In my last sermon that you can find here, we talked about Social Media, that it isn’t new, but something that has resurfaced from days of old. Paul is recognized as the most successful user of Social Media the world has ever seen.

But there are a lot of negatives going on in social media we didn’t cover.  We have two categories-- the first: those that hurt our self.

To explore that, a newspaper in Hawaii tell us that a lady from Australia was traveling to Hawaii to spend some time over her 26th birthday with her boyfriend.  She got a tourist passport.  Immigration officials, on reviewing her social media accounts, found her talking about marrying the boyfriend, and so they thought she was in danger of getting married and staying, and thushad lied on her passport application.  She ended up in an immigration cell at a Federal detention center instead, on her birthday, before having to buy a ticket home.  She was denied entry for an incorrect visa.  Social Media that hurts ourselves.

Another Example-- out of a survey of 381 college admissions staff from multiple colleges, 31% had visited a prospective student’s social media account in evaluating him/her.  This is five percent higher than the previous year.  30% of the admissions staff said they found information there that caused them to decline making an offer of admission. Harvard has even withdrawn acceptance offers based on ongoing social media monitoring.

Those looking for a job have the same issue.  Many employers now look at all of your social media to make sure you are someone they want to join their corporate culture.

 A 2010 survey by matrimonial lawyers found that 81% of lawyers, that had been involved in a divorce case, used information found on social media in the case.

Divorce not only hurts yourself, our first category, but also fits into category two of hurting others.   It will hurt your spouse and any children the marriage produced.

Another Example, quoting from this article:
“Poll of 14- to 24-year-olds shows Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter increased feelings of inadequacy and anxiety

The platforms have a negative effect because they can exacerbate children’s and young people’s body image worries, and worsen bullying, sleep problems and feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness, the participants said.”

Social media platforms are being used today to spread fear and worry among our most vulnerable.  But, we have truth in God’s word, that can free us.

John 8:31b-32 (NASB)

“If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

We need to make sure we are using Social Media to spread the good news of freedom, hope, and salvation:

Philemon 6 (TLB)

And I pray that as you share your faith with others it will grip their lives too, as they see the wealth of good things in you that come from
Christ Jesus.

Isaiah 52:7(NASB)

How lovely on the mountains
Are the feet of him who brings good news, Who announces peace And brings good news of happiness, Who announces salvation, And says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

© Vivian P. Kirkpatrick, 2017


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