Things of importance require maintenance. Neglecting regular oil changes, tire rotation, and filter changes on your car will have consequences. If you value your means of transportation, you will tend to maintenance. "we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it." (Hebrews 2.1)

Salvation is a grace gift, but that doesn't mean we coast through life with it on autopilot. Maintenance is required. Like a brightly-lit "check engine" light is this important reminder: "how will we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?" (Hebrews 2.3)

I well remember a church attender years ago, who placed their Bible on a shelf after services, and then picked it up again the following Sunday. Apparently they didn't have a need for it the other six days. A Sunday Christian should have reason for concern in light of the teachings of Hebrews 2.1 and 3. Careful attention to the disciplines of Bible reading, prayer, Christian fellowship, and service are key maintenance issues.

So-called "browbeating" is not intended here, but rather an encouragement to tend to maintenance of something of utmost importance. If you value God's grace through Christ (and I trust that you do), you will gladly and joyfully tend to that which will enrich your experience as your journey toward the kingdom of God and immortality. As members of the family of God, we're in this together, to help and encourage one to aspire to the greatest. May these words help you to that end.


©Steve Taylor, 2016 --Used by permission

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