A famous playwright once said, "I can resist anything but temptation." And that's the problem with temptation: it appeals to that which we are most vulnerable to.  

Jesus was confronted by the devil, the great tempter, during an extended wilderness stay. Having fasted for forty days, He was tempted to turn stones into bread (Matthew 4.2-3). He was then tempted to test angelic protection (Matthew 4.5-6), and then desire for worldly power (Matthew 4.8-9). He met each of these three great temptations by quoting God's word. He knew Scripture well enough to bring appropriate passages to bear in the heat of temptation. And therein is a great lesson and application for us. We surely will succumb to temptation unless we are so grounded in God's word as to resist it with His word.

Another outstanding example in facing temptation is Joseph, who was daily propositioned by his bosses' wife. His response reflects a deep devotion and love for His Father: "How then could I do this great evil and sin against God?" (Genesis 39.9)

This much we can be sure of: temptation will come. Success or failure will be determined by how faithful we have been to "treasure God's word" in our heart (Psalm 119.11).

May we stand stand strong and true for Him in the face of every temptation that comes our way.

©Steve Taylor, 2017 --Used by permission

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