The Kingdom through Seed

Jesus saw the kingdom amidst the ordinary. Seed, soil, yeast, treasures, and pearls became illustrations of deeper truths concerning the kingdom of God.

Perhaps His best known parable is that of seed and soil, recorded in Matthew 13.1-9. Seed fell on various types of soil, and grew according to the quality of the soil. He explained the parable (Matthew 13.18-24), telling us that we are represented by the varying types of soil, and our response to "the word of the kingdom" (Matthew 13.19). If there is no room in our heart and mind to receive this kingdom word, the devil is more than willing to snatch it away from us. If we are marginally responsive, the kingdom seed withers when adversity comes. If worldly pursuits take precedent, the kingdom seed is eventually squeezed out and fails to be productive. But, if we hear, understand, and have a genuine desire for the things of the kingdom, it will be productive in our lives.

What is the priority of the kingdom in your life? Are you seeking to better understand it, and partner with the King in His great kingdom cause? Is His kingdom your passion (Matthew 6.33)? The kingdom is so much more than theological truth; it is the lifestyle of those preparing themselves and others for the coming of Christ, and the great government we will share with Him (Revelation 20.6).

May the kingdom be our number one passion and priority.

©Steve Taylor, 2018 --Used by permission

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