What's New?

What's new? How often have you asked, or been asked, this question? It is anticipated that life is a discover of new things.

"Sing to the LORD a new song! Sing to the LORD, all the earth! Sing to the LORD! Bless his name! Share the news of his saving work every single day! Declare God’s glory among the nations; declare his wondrous works among all people because the LORD is great and so worthy of praise." (Psalm 96.1-4 CEB)

Church worship styles seem to polarize around contemporary or traditional music. Given the admonition of Psalm 96.1, a case seems to be made for new, contemporary music. But, music style misses the point. What new insights and experiences bring newness to your worship? What are you discovering about Your Father, and His Son, that you didn't know yesterday? The "new song" can be the latest Christian composition, or a very old hymn. What makes it a "new song" is the fresh discover and excitement you've found in your daily walk, and of which you have shared and testified to. It's a new song to those who have never heard.

Psalms such as Psalm 96 bristle with Spirit energy. The Psalmist obviously found new energy and joy in his discover and proclamation. May we discover and sing a song today as well!

©Steve Taylor, 2018 --Used by permission

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