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Description of Change
4/28/2001 Original Site finished. Vivian P. & Gaylene Kirkpatrick
4/30/2001 Links page updated. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
5/8/2001 Fixed broken links in Systematic Theology. Fixed the counter and adjusted the counter starting date. Made wording changes on the Location and Times pages. Vivian P. & Gaylene Kirkpatrick
6/4/2001 Added new devotion. Removed other devotion at the request of the writer's great-grandson. Added the Slogan, Statement of Purpose, Statement of Excellence, Statement of Membership, Statement of Leadership, Statement of Denomination Affiliations. Updated the Worship Times and Statement of Doctrine. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
7/30/2001 Fixed broken link in lesson 16 of Systematic Theology. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
8/12/01 Updated Church phone number in response e-mail for Systematic Theology Gaylene Kirkpatrick
9/29/01 Updated meeting time and location information. Gaylene Kirkpatrick
9/30/01 Updated Maps for location of the Church. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
8/16/02 Updated the links to the Church of God General Conference and Bible Colleges after they were re-written. Updated the links to Chuck of God web sites and lessons. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
8/25/02 Updated the error page, if the browser viewing the page does not support frames. Also changed some map graphics from JPG to GIF since IE 6 could not view those specific JPG's for some reason. Worked on internal structure resources. Added a slide show under the "About the Church" area. Updated the Worship Times information and link. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
8/26/02 Made some changes to help site security. Added in the moving background...also added in an option on the left to turn it off....not sure if I will keep this option or not. Did some updated to inconsistancies and spelling problems on the COG Lessons page. Also updated the Technical information page, and a spelling problem on this Modifications page. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
9/03/02 Corrected a double linke to Rock River college. Also updated the COG lessons page to refer consistantly to states. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
12/06/02 Removed references to the North Hills Church of God since their web site will be going down. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
7/8/03 Added new church links. Gaylene Kirkpatrick
6/5/04 Updated Logos Vivian P. & Gaylene Kirkpatrick
6/19/04 Church Calendar Link added Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
7/17/04 Changed the main e-mail box Gaylene Kirkpatrick
11/12/04 Removed expired web links Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
3/24/05 Corrected errors in Systematic Theology Gaylene Kirkpatrick
7/16/05 Corrected problems with the site after server migration. Corrected dead links and small cosmetic issues. Created form to e-mail th church. Vivian P. & Gaylene Kirkpatrick
2/8/06 Correct e-mail lists Gaylene Kirkpatrick
4/22/06 Updated Links, changed links to go to a new window. Due to problems with our host site changing code so our forms fail off and on, we added a graphic of our e-mail address on the E-mail the Church section. We did this in a graphic to make sure that e-mail harvest programs wouldn't be able to harvest it. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
4/22/06 Updated Font formating Vivian P. & Gaylene Kirkpatrick
9/03/06 Updated Rock River Christian College web site link Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
10/15/06 Added Vital Knowledge web site link Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
10/26/06 Added link to Angela Hays Moore - Christian Children's Book Writer Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
05/15/08 Gaylene Kirkpatrick died on 05/15/2008. This web page could not have been created at this level of functionality without her. Though we miss her, we await the day when we will be reunited with her.

1 Thessalonians 4 13, 16 NAS. But we do not want you to be uninformed, brethren, about those who are asleep, so that you will not grieve as do the rest who have no hope. For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.
1/31/09 Fixed some links, added a section for the weekly bible reading. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
7/12/10 Added in notification of Gaylene's passing to this page and systematic Theology. Corrected dates/times for church meetings. Updated Links and linked to COG site for some instead of trying to maintain our own. Removed links to COG lessons, they come and go too quick to keep an index too. Updated Church times and church location. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
10/06/10 Fixed some link issues and titles. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
10/07/10 Added a slide show of getting the new church building ready, kept the previous slide show. Edited times and ministries. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
12/31/10 Added the photographs from the photographic contest winners.. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
9/27/11 Added optional e-mail to prayer request Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
07/21/11 Fixed all the links to the General Conference that changed Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
05/27/14 Added Facebook Link Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
11/13/2014 Started migration of the web site to Squarespace, pretty much a change from the ground up. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
12/3/2014 Created new domain name and it is live for the new site. is now auto-redirecting to the new domain. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
12/10/2014 Future Blog entries scheduled Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
12/11/2014 Google+ buttons added Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
12/12/2014 - 1/27/2014 Twitter, Facebook, and Linked in buttons added. Online giving page set up and updated. Scriptural series seperated from the normal blog. Many other updates as well. Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
3/19/2015 Bulletin archive starting 2015 added Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
8/28/2016 Started Video Sermon Section Vivian P. Kirkpatrick
10/27/2016 Video Encouragement Section Added Vivian P. Kirkpatrick