Obeying God’s Call


My husband is a born introvert.  He has said that his worst nightmare growing up was the possibility of having to be in front of a group talking.

You wouldn’t guess that these days, though.

Four years ago, the camp directors at an annual Midwest Family Camp that we attend asked Greg if he would consider teaching a class.

Although somewhat unsure, he felt God’s call to do it and he agreed.

He decided to teach on Creation vs. Evolution, a topic that the men’s group at our church had been studying for some time.

Since that first class, God has really opened a door for Greg to minister through this material.  He has presented in 9 states at churches, camps, conferences and at a Bible college.

Greg and I both grew up believing that the Darwinian evolution we were taught in school was counter to God’s word, but we never questioned the age of the earth.  It wasn’t something that was talked about in church, and like many Christians we simply didn’t think about it.


After being presented with information that, to us, makes it clear that the earth is much younger than is commonly taught, we began to wonder why it isn’t talked about in churches.  The more we looked into it and talked with people around the country, the more we saw young people leaving their faith because of issues surrounding the age of the earth and evolution.

It’s a real burden and a passion that God has laid on my husband’s heart.  And it also is one of those things that, once you know the truth, you see the lies everywhere.

We love museums.  Going to Science Museums these days invites a lot of discussion.  And we pretty much always leave shaking our heads.

Science used to, and truly should, be the study of God’s creation.  It has been eye-opening, to say the least, to see the intentional deception and poor adherence to scientific principles that is prevalent among those who have the trust of so many.

Although Greg has a college degree and has studied this topic extensively, I still think of the following verse when I see him challenge the commonly taught “wisdom” of academia:

Now as they observed the confidence of Peter and John and understood that they were uneducated and untrained men, they were amazed, and began to recognize them as having been with Jesus .
Acts 4:13


I couldn’t be prouder of the way that God has worked in my husband, and he is the first to give the glory to the One who has instilled in him the confidence and ease with which he presents these truths.

Aside from the science, this ministry has been a living example that-

God wants you to get out of your comfort zone and trust Him to do through you what He calls you to do.  And He longs to bless when we are obedient to Him.

Shortly after Greg began doing presentations, he lost his job.  We were on a walk one day, talking together and dreaming about what a dream job would look like for him.  One of our dreams was a job that would allow him to work from anywhere, so he would be able to travel and continue to do presentations.

Can you guess?  Our great God blessed Greg with a job that allows him to work from home, or anywhere for that matter.  I am convinced that He continues to bless Greg with this freedom because of his obedience to the calling.

Are you interested in this topic?  One resource that we’ve referred a lot of people to is a free magazine that the Institute for Creation Research puts out called, Acts & Facts.  You can get it here.


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Note from MN Conference Staff, Greg Landry's materials from a 2015 presentation at the Hutchinson Church of God: here.