He Took My Place


I've been thinking a lot about this Easter and what it means to me. When I think about what Jesus went through, I feel sad, ashamed, and guilty. Even though I know that I was not there and that if I had been I would not have let Jesus die alone. However, I do feel responsible for his death, simply because I belong to the human race and I am a sinner. Because of my sin, Jesus had to die for me; this makes me responsible. But I also feel happy, excited, and reassured because of his resurrection! 


I was listening to one of the songs on my new CD called "Restoration", by Phillips, Craig, & Dean. The song is titled "Freedom's Never Free". The 2nd verse stood out to me. It goes like this, 

"It was on another hillside," 
"Outside the city gates." 
"Battle lines were drawn," 
"As soldiers took their place." 
"The Father watched in silence as a cross was raised." 
"With freedom drawing closer," 
"He took His final breath." 
"He drank our cup of guilt," 
"And took the sting from death." 

The line that really made me think was the one that says, "The Father watched in silence as a cross was raised." It made me truly realize and put into perspective the sacrifice that God the Father made. I'm not a dad yet but I couldn't even fathom having to watch my one and only son die. Those who are dads, would you be able to turn your head as your son was murdered, knowing that you could have stopped it with just a snap of your fingers? Think about how much God, our Father, really loves us. Who do you think would be more important to Him, Jesus or you? What a sacrifice God made for you and me, because he loved us. It makes me realize that the sacrifices I try so hard to make in my life are just minuscule when compared to the sacrifice God and Jesus both had to make for me. To me this gives John 3:16 a whole new meaning. 

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life." 

Bethany Becker