Eye Witness Accounts - Pilate

I have nothing to worry about—no nothing at all.  It’s settled, it’s decided, and I’m free of the matter.  It was a small matter, actually—but dealing with these Jews and their petty concerns and holy rituals can be so exasperating, so time-consuming!  Time!  Three times I told them Jesus would be released!  But the crowd was so insistent, so demanding, I had no choice but to agree to his crucifixion.  But it’s over now, the matter is settled.  It’s of no concern to me.  I must attend to other things.  My wife will be expecting me.  

My wife!  What will she say to me when she hears this man is to be crucified?  I read her message to me while I sat before Jesus in the judgment hall.  She had suffered tormenting dreams concerning this man, this INNOCENT man, she said.  But what is the dream of a woman?  It can’t affect me!

I have satisfied the masses. They have no quarrel with me!  Did I not even honor their holy custom and release a prisoner to them?  Now there is a man who is guilty!  Barabbas, a common murderer!  But the Jews asked for him!  Did I not grant their request?  Perhaps they will be pleased with my rulership now.

Yet, they dare to shout I could be no friend of Caesar if I released Jesus.  Yes, he claimed to be a king, but one of no consequence.  Do they think a Jewish king has any consequence?  But they said he also claimed to be the Son of God.  He himself said my power was given to me from above.

But now it means nothing, nothing!  The whole matter is over and behind me!  He claimed to be their king—they decided his fate!  I am guilty of nothing, my hands are clean.  I have satisfied the Jews, my rule is secure.  Why, in three days time, the whole matter will be forgotten!

© Paula Kirkpatrick, 2015