But Duh

Last week, in our daily newspaper, the Headline ran, "Signs of Gambling Addiction" and my first reaction was just that, 'Well, DUH, what did they expect?'

A year or more ago, Ohio voters were lured into voting for legalized gambling in the state. The 'promised' rewards are now cropping up and becoming evident.

A local school Superintendent is accused by his district that he skipped work to go to the casino more than 100 times in two years . . . and may have stolen money. Again, DUH! Is this a surprise?

A church member insists, "He/She go and limit themselves to spending just so much, $100, or something. It's just done for fun." Sure. Maybe.

The news story goes on, note, "Critics of Ohio's casinos say such cases are going to become more commonplace if efforts aren't increased to combat gambling addiction in the state."  Another DUH is called for here. Whether that is true, that they can limit themselves to certain amount, and can afford such, one wonders if there is an justification for using the money the Lord has granted us in such wasted efforts.

DUH, does anyone come out winning? NO ! "Yeah, but com'n, it's a lot of harmless fun for us." That may be true, but I wonder that in this country we yet have such extravagant extras of cash that churches and missions couldn't use it better.

"Wait a minutes. It's my money! "No, it's not when we receive news of heavy rains washing away adobe-like homes and churches in Malawi, and people being killed by being crushed by their falling homes. I know we're all sorry for that but as they said, "It's our money!"

Wish our church and yours could take a special offering for needs like that this week, but maybe not. The casino calls.


Kent Ross

(Used with permission from Thrive Ministries by Kent Ross)