Thinking About a Shirt

"If religion were to key to morality, then mega-churches would look would look more like charities and less like million dollar businesses."

Kathy commented o this photo, which appeared as she was calling up our Sunday School text on her device. I know amazing. I have that sort of device and someday I want to learn how to use it, but there is no end to those who tell me I'm too stupid (I think that's the term they use).

She laughed when it came up and I asked her about it. She read it to me and I asked her to send it to me, which she did and it was here on my computer when I got home from church. I know "Amazing," but I suppose not to you, but still to me.

But it brought to mind yesterday's THRIVE - give it to casinos, or in some cases even to churches, which sometimes end up looking like million-dollar businesses and/or buildings. Nothing too wrong with that, I suppose, as long as evangelism is truly happening there, but then my thoughts again turned to Africa and Malawi.

Simple mud churches washed away! Houses the same due to the rains.

I know we have our mortgages on our churches, and they don't have any. And there's lots of mud there for them. Once again DUH, comes to mind.

Maybe your church is going to take an offering to help them, but I wonder if some of us could write our own check . . . yes, maybe the $100 I planned to use at the Casino!

Kent Ross

(Used with permission from Thrive Ministries by Kent Ross)