Eye Witness Accounts - Mary Magdalene

Am I dreaming?  Are my feet running only in my mind, soon to be stilled as once again I awaken from a fitful sleep to the reality of the grief and despair of the past few days?  But, no!  I touch my eyes and they are open.  I feel the wind as it blows my hair, the sun as it warms my skin.  I feel the joy of life!  He is alive!  My Saviour is alive!!

I have seen him with my own eyes.  I have gazed into his face full of compassion and concern for me.  He met me as I stumbled through the garden, my mind whirling about with fear and confusion, while my hope and joy were struggling hard to overcome these doubts.  For when I reached his tomb that morning carrying the spices I would use to attend to his body, my heart froze with the sight that greeted me.  The stone was rolled back from the tomb!  A brilliant light was upon it, shining so intensely that at first, I could only cover my eyes.  Dare I look up?  As I slowly lifted my head, my body shook with trembling.  The light was really a man, pure and white and shining!  And he spoke to me!  He said my Lord was not dead.  He had risen!  He had risen from the dead!  And I must tell the others.  Run quickly, he had said!

My legs obeyed his command, but my mind was filled with a thousand thoughts.  Can it be true?  Dare I believe him?  Dare I hope—and suddenly Jesus stood before me.  He spoke to me—yes it was the same tender voice.  As I looked into his face, the shreds of doubt and fears vanished.  It was my Lord, my Jesus!  He is alive!

And once more I too live again.  Once more I feel the joy, the lightness, the freedom I experienced when He forgave my sins.  Once more I have shaken off the gloom of despair as once I shook off the darkness of sin.  My Lord is alive and soon the whole world will know!  Because my cries of joy will never cease! 

© Paula Kirkpatrick, 2015