Eye Witness Accounts - Salome, Mother of James and John

Soon the day will dawn.  Soon the sun will shine.  Another day will begin, a fresh start will be made.  But not for me, not for any of us who believed in Him.  My sorrow is so heavy upon my heart, the weight seems almost more than I can bear.  

He spoke so often of his coming kingdom, and of the freedom from sin and oppression we would find there with him.  My sons believed and followed him, and helped him with his ministry.  Soon I believed also.  Jesus would save us from this life of evil!  He would free us from this world of bondage!  I even asked that James and John might have special places in his kingdom.  But he replied that only God could grant a special place in his kingdom.

But Jesus was to be its king!  His rulership was to bring the peace and happiness we sought and found in him.  But no, it will not be!  For OUR rulers have struck him down, killed him, and his body is laid in a tomb!  I have seen it with my own eyes!  He is dead!

Soon the day will break and we will carry the spices and perfumes to anoint his body.  Our hands will work, but our hearts will ache!  Our Savior is dead!  His kingdom will never be! 

© Paula Kirkpatrick, 2015