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Thank you for visiting the Hutchinson Church of God website. Our church tries to center all it does on our purpose statement:

“The purpose of the Hutchinson Church of God is to glorify, honor, and worship God and His only begotten Son, Jesus.”

Our services are focused on this purpose, and discovering God’s truth and will for our lives in His Holy Word, the Bible. Our church wants to share the hope of the Kingdom of God with our community and others throughout the world.

The people of our church are welcoming, genuine, and real. We understand that God accepts us as we are, yet challenges us to become all He wants us to be.

As a church family, we love each other, and reach out to our community with that same un- conditional love, given to us by our heavenly Father. We strive to encourage, listen to, forgive and support one another in good times as well as difficult days.

We are an affiliate of the Minnesota Conference of the Churches of God, and of the Church of God General Conference, McDonough, GA.

We would love to welcome you to our church!

Pastor V. E. Kirkpatrick II

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Take a free Bible course!

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Free Children's Video Series!

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Free Video Series on Angels!